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Using All Natural Hangover Remedy, is an efficient way to get oxygen into your system. Oxygen will help increase your metabolism rate, thereby allowing your liver to process alcohol more quickly. Drinking alcohol causes hypoxia, a state of oxygen deficiency in the brain, and impairs the brain's ability to use oxygen. Oxygenating your system helps clear the mind, detoxify the blood and increase your body's energy to help eliminate terrible symptoms such as HEADACHE, FATIGUE, & NAUSEA that is associated with hangovers. Oxygenating your body after a night of alcohol consumption, followed by more oxygen when you wake up can do wonders to keep hangovers away and make mornings and the day more enjoyable and productive. In the past, oxygen treatments were only available to hospitals and medical facilities.  However, today we bring you the "All Natural Hangover Remedy" to instantly beat those pesky hangovers. By using All Natural Hangover Remedy, your bloodstream will be detoxified; nausea, headache and fatigue can be relieved; and mental clarity and focus will be promoted. Also this remedy can be used to deal with jet lag, altitude sickness, stress and can give you an euphoric felling like you just worked out. Simply cover nose and mouth with the included dispensing device and release oxygen while inhaling.  A few deep breaths for a couple minutes and your hangover will be gone. It's that Quick, Simple and All Natural.